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A guide to packaging design for flexible packaging films and pouches

A guide to packaging design for flexible packaging films and pouches

Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody, right? 

Flexible Packaging Design

Yes, we all have friends who are creatively minded and think they can design just because they got a new MacBook Pro for their birthday. But designing a poster for your local event compared to setting up a double-sided laminated stand up pouch with a tear-notch, zip and gusset ready for a print run of 10,000 is a slightly different challenge. A challenge best done by those who fully understand the construction of the packaging materials and the actual printing presses being used. Why? Because the last thing you need is to find is the printer can’t use the files because the setup is incorrect. Getting this right at the beginning will save time and money!


Here at Digimock, we’ve taken away that issue by creating Digidesign - our own in-house specialist design and production team who live, eat and breathe packaging design. We work alongside our clients to make their vision a reality. Third party designers can create fantastic looking products on screen, but the reality of trying to print from it can often falls short and in-turn the client leaves dissatisfied, with a finished product that isn’t what they approved. 

Digidesign offers a complete design and 3D render service, letting the client fully visualize the product at each stage of the design process before printing. We have a structured approval process to work in a time efficient and cost effective way meaning you’re getting value for money and an excellent finished product, with no hidden costs or printer corrections trying to fix third party files. Our team understands the printing processes and production methods for printed stand up pouches and packaging - so clients achieve a design that looks as good on a screen as what it does on pack and in store.

More often than not, we have jobs supplied and advised as ‘ready for print’ and ‘finished artwork’ – but only if only this was the case!  All supplied artwork is checked before proceeding to print and for a very good reason….to avoid the file setup being wrong. When files aren't correct then these can be booked into the design studio for correction and can take taking between an hour to two days depending on the complexity of the job. Sadly this leads to a delay for the client, additional cost to and a further delay to the production process.

We don't believe anyone should pay twice for their design work for packaging - which is why we highlight the importance of the design and print process coming together. Early consultation with your flexible packaging print partner can make a big difference!

Why? Because we deal with food packaging design and printed packaging production on a daily basis

This means we can very easily guide you through the journey and advise on the best solution for your brief. Digimock design, print and distribute your finished packaging from mockups or comps to reel fed films and pouches all under one roof making the customer journey simpler. And with just a single point of contact throughout the process this journey becomes simpler rather than trying to liaise with several companies at the same time.

Of course we understand established relationships with designers and artwork studios are often strategic and work outputted ready for us to use. To help you and your designers work to our guidelines, please take a look at them here.

If you have any questions about our packaging design process and interested in finding out more about our services or would like us to quote on design or packaging please get in touch today!   

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