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How to get low volume printed retail packaging

How to get low volume printed retail packaging

Low order quantities and fast lead times are a vital packaging solution and one Brands and Start-up companies often find difficult to achieve. Especially if you have a new product to launch or a specific promotional campaign.

Getting low volume print and within budget has always been challenging when it comes to fully printed bespoke film and pouches. More often than not, retail packaging requires high quantities to reduce the unit cost. On top, there are additional set up costs with printing plates or cylinders when using Flexographic or Gravure print. For this reason, many projects aren’t realised because the product won’t sell enough units to justify the overall costs and you may be left with redundant stock.

Fortunately, the revolution of Digital print is providing opportunities to help solve this challenge. If you are after low volume printed food packaging, then the power of digital print might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here’s why Digital printing works

  • Digital print - Allows for smaller runs, while maintaining excellent quality for your marketing graphics


  • Volume - Print what you want, when you want it and tailor each run to who you want to target. Use variable data to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time


  • Speed - Digital printing is rapid. Response times are reduced due to minimal press setup. The process is further simplified as no plates or cylinders are required. Artwork is sent straight to press so consequently there are less steps, making the process simple and transparent, with final product delivered quicker


  • Cost effective - Traditional printing methods for food packaging using Flexographic and Gravure print has quotas or minimum orders to be cost effective, whereas digital can deliver precise volume to suit. Forget the headache of excess or redundant stock tying up cash! Digital might not look the cheapest option, but when you start to consider other costs such print plates and cylinders then this starts to be a viable option


  • Design - Changes to design can be made quickly prior to print. With no high investment in print plates or cylinders, you can adapt your design, text and messaging easily. Every run can be different or targeted to your audience delivering consistently up to date marketing messages about your brand and product.


  • Quality - Comparable to the highest quality Flexographic & Gravure print. There’s no question, check out samples between all three processes and see for yourself. With digital, colour is consistently maintained during every print run.


  • Green - Unlike conventional printing, with less pre-press work, less set up waste the overall energy consumption is lower

If your company has a new or low volume product and needs to find a way to package, let us work with you. We learn about your product, how you pack it, your market and volumes. Let us deliver an innovative packaging strategy and make the most out of your marketing and packaging spend. Find out more about Digital Printing 

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