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IFE 2019, Exporting and Team GB... Inspiring brands to go global!

IFE 2019, Exporting and Team GB... Inspiring brands to go global!

‘Let’s take the best of British and take it global!’

EXPORTING_is_GREAT_Flag_Blue_CMYK_BNILike all great things - it all starts with one crazy big idea. In the car with an empty crisp packet and Biro, at the bar after a few too many shandies, in the bath popping ideas into your head like the bubbles all around you…. We don’t decide when we are going to these crazy great ideas…we just do!

Kind of like Jem’s story. Ballerina turned triathlete who is terrified of water…. Her idea to become an internationally competitive triathlete wasn’t exactly planned! But the thing about crazy big ideas is they are just that: crazy and big!

I mean, international success isn’t something that comes easily. There is a BIG gap between the ‘big idea’ part and the ‘best of British goes global’ part. There is hard work. There is trial and error. There are breakthroughs. There are mistakes. And for sure there is one heck of a lot of searching for answers, asking for advice and getting support from those in the know (well, that is, if you want to make it work!)

That is a lot of what we do at Digimock. We find those start ups with the ‘big ideas’ and help them to become international successes. However crazy your idea, however small yenergy cubesour company, Digimock can provide what you need to make your products work. We assist your company as it tests, develops and grows, ensuring that you always have what you need to enable you to elevate to the next level. 

For Jem it was similar. She had to start with the groundworks (learning to swim for one!) and that took input from those in the know. She tested out different stroke styles (like we test different packaging materials), she tried different training strategies (that’s why we do mock ups!). She would find something that worked for a while then she would ‘grow out’ of one training block and have to adapt to fit her new found fitness and strengths. Nevertheless, all this groundwork was essential for setting her up for her future (like our groundwork ensures you get the best products out there!).

You see, it's all about adapting to the current situation that makes champions - whether in the endurance sports field or in industry. You have to be ready to pick up on the latest market trends, hook on to new demand characteristics of your customers and keep up with the developments in your business, precisely when they happen. You need to be future-proof!

When you buy packaging from Digimock you get a real life physical mockup of your finished pouch or pack. That's a fully customised prototype in your brand approval process before full scale industrial production begins and you get to see, touch and feel your packaging before launch.

This means there is a big tick for ‘groundwork’ and a bigger tick for ‘future-proofing’ too!

When the base phase was over, it was time for Jem to go bigger. She moulded and built her self as an athlete in her British hometown, but now it was time to widen her athletic horizons. So, GB suit in tow, it was time for Jem to set on the International stage and race on foreign shores for the first time in her career.

Is it time for your company to do the same?

322f782e-310e-11e9-ac52-000000000000 (1)From 17th to 19th March Digimock will be heading to the The International Food & Drink Event at London’s Excel to celebrate 1350 innovative, global and cutting-edge food & drink manufacturers.

This is your chance to meet us there and find out how we can take you global.

You will find us in the Northern Powerhouse area where we will be talking all things flexible packaging, prototype testing and mockup designing. This is the chance for you to get the advice and insights you need from our experts on the stand to help you decide on the best next steps to help your company grow.

Tempted? Want to be persuaded some more?

Digimock will also be running a daily free prize draw from Monday (11th) - Wednesday (13th) with the winners getting their very own fully printed Digimock samples!!

podiumReturning back to our little athlete. Want to know what happened to Jem abroad? Well her first foreign outing won her some rather nice silverware and opened the doors to opportunities to compete in places and events she never thought possible.

Want to know what can happen to your brand abroad? You better visit our stand next week and find out!!

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Full stand details:

Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission
Stand N332n