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Meet our Ambassador Jem: The Ballerina to Triathlete

Meet our Ambassador Jem: The Ballerina to Triathlete

At Digimock we like to do things a bit differently. We have disrupted the packaging world by bringing young energy into an old industry and challenging how packaging production operates. You could say, we kind of took the unconventional route to our success in the international marketplace! And you know what? - that sounds a lot like one of our newest team additions: meet Jemima Cooper (Jem).

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After hours and hours of leaping around her living room in a sparkly tutu (oh and a full scholarship to one of the best full-time classical ballet schools in Europe, a little input from The Royal Ballet and one heck of a lot of standing on one tippy toe with the other leg in the air somewhere over 16 years), Jem was lining up as a professional classical ballerina. Her life-long dream had finally been made true.

 (<-- Jem on her way to a European Champs medal!)

Well yes, it had. But we are missing a little part here. A part in which Jem struggled for her life and nearly lost her battle to illness on three occasions during her teenage years. But the thing about this one is, she never ever gives up. A real fighter. Jem has always been competitive (just wait for the stories about PE class!) and her determination is pretty steely too! This determination was not going to let anything get between her and her biggest dreams. So, Jem, quite literally, dragged herself from the hospital bed, onto the stage of a professional ballet company. She made her dreams realities. Something we really want to help our clients reach too!

35359368_489750668127852_1714015430860865536_o-3Though, the thing about dreams is: sometimes they are just a bit squiffy when you wake up.  

Standing in front of the studio mirrors one dreary day, Jem knew things were going to need a shake-up. She had been given a shot at life three times, and standing in front of a mirror for 47 hours a week was just not going to cut it! Time for a rejiggle! Goodbye ballet. Hello… um?! (Yeah that bit took a little figuring!)  

Soon she headed off to university on the hunt for the next ‘big thing’. Once a professional athlete,  always a professional athlete!                           

To cut a long story short, (because this is a story for another day and when you need a good giggle!), Jem could barely swim (like literally - I’ve seen her vidoes and she actually looks like a donkey trying to swim breast stroke!), had never ridden a road bike and had been for about 3 long runs in her life. So naturally the next ‘big thing’ she took up was triathlon.

As we at Digimock have shown, you should never underestimate the underdog. Neither should you ever underestimate this ‘triantelope’ (her word not ours!).

Within 6 weeks of training she was winning major races outright. Within 12 months, she was training in squads alongside Olympians, and within 18 months she had taken the Silver medal at the European Middle Distance Triathlon Championships. When this girl wants something, she goes and gets it! Precisely the mentality we love, adopt and want to share with our amazing clients.


We are excited to be following Jem, having her as our ambassador, as this year is a BIG one for her. As she steps up to full-time training (just wait until she shares her weekly training-routines for a ‘wow’) and races on the international stage in Middle Distance triathlons, this ‘triantelope’ might just be the one to watch!

So why Jem? Why have her as part of Digimock? Well, as we are proponents of speed, agility, flexibility, strategy and of course winning mindset, we believe Jem is a human representation of our business. She’s a source of inspiration for us, and a resource for our clients to draw upon.

Quite a crazy story hey? Well yeah maybe, but we at Digimock reckon a little eccentricity is only a good thing. Find out more about Jem by following her socials or checking out her website and blog and make sure you keep up to date with the Digimock blog too.

Instagram: @jemcoopertriathlon

Facebook: @jemcoopertriathlon

Website:  www.jemimacooper.weebly.com

Blog: https://jemimacooper.weebly.com/blog