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Why mockup packaging is key to success in food and product retailing

Why mockup packaging is key to success in food and product retailing

There’s no question, whether a start-up company or an established brand or designer, printed mockup packaging has become a key element of success in product launches and retail consumer sales. Development teams consisting of production, design, marketing and sales are consistently using prototypes to ensure their final packaging is ready hit the shelf successfully with maximum impact.

Stand Up Pouch Mockups for exhibitionsIt’s not hard to see why - Digital print technology used in full production for flexible packaging and Retail Ready packaging can print just a single impression. With pillow packs, flow-wraps, pouches lidding, sleeves and outer retail ready packaging being brought to life within short time frames - creating opportunities to review elements of design, branding and marketing pre launch. 

Given the total value invested in product development, using mockups during the development phase ensures the product has been checked by all stakeholders. From internal teams to prospective buyers and consumer panels, getting to touch, feel and see product before full production provides invaluable feedback.  In many cases this is preventing issues post launch, as the design and pack format has been optimized early on and potential issues ironed out.

 The top 10 benefits of using mockup flexible packaging
  • All finished pack formats can be mocked up, from flow wrap to pillow pack, quad seal bag to stand up pouch, flat bottom bags and more.
  • You can prepare for all eventualities in a product’s lifetime – it may begin life as a pouch and end up as a flow wrap; you can witness the full journey before even starting.
  • All materials catered for with single ply or laminates accross a wide range of material structures and thickness. The can be Flow wrap mockups for tradeshowsKRAFT PAPER/PE, clear, metalized and white structures.
  • Features and closures for pouch formats include zippers, euro holes, tear notches, handles, shapes, rounded corners.
  • Colour accuracy and proofing – digitally printed pantone matching and setting the colour standard on the actual material you’re using before printing.
  • Ability to check the sizing one final time before committing to a larger production run.
  • Great for sales pitches, presentations, internal marketing, photoshoots, TV adverts, trade shows and buyer samples.
  • Ability to personalise to help engage with others, be it a buyer or company.
  • Shelf presence testing – placing pack next to your competitors to ensure it stands out.
  • Decision making – if you have a number of design ideas or branding ideas, use mockups to see your concepts on pack to gain a real life insight into its visual impact

Pillow PacksIf you’re a growing business, emerging or established brand, or even a curious packaging enthusiast, Digimock prototype packaging can be achieved in days.

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