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Printed Packaging Films and Pouches for Christmas

Printed Packaging Films and Pouches for Christmas

Why it's time to start planning for your packaging requirements early - and why it's still not too late!

Christmas Packaging

Oh yes, we hear the groans already! But we all know, the clock is ticking and it might sound like an early start to thinking about your Christmas production planning, but putting this task off can make last minute packaging needs costly and even increase the risk of not getting what you need in time.

Reminding clients that whilst this is a time many spend on innovation and planning, one thing not to overlook is your packaging requirements. In an industry where lead times can be from 3 weeks to 10 then remember packaging production lead time and demand also increases. Early orders secure print slots and conversion - reducing the headache of running around and trying to find a supplier who can turn around all your hard work. 

Now we are in October, the pressure may be mounting to secure your packaging supply for additional products and promotions for Christmas. We can help with short lead-times from approval (inside 4 weeks) on a large number of products. And without an MOQ we can be as flexible as you like, whether you need a top-up order to cope with increase festive demand, or want to launch a limited edition Christmas product.

If you have a challenge, let us help you with your printed packaging films, pouches, bags and labels this Christmas!